The world is rapidly changing, and so is the workplace. The encouraging theme throughout this series is that for some employer out there, you are the ideal candidate. We look at ways that the prospective employee can prepare themselves for when opportunity knocks, even if they don’t have experience or a qualification.

A beautiful, social distancing-compliant, four-part course presented with the help of virtual presenter, Siri. 
Pride Factor has learnt from experience, that when a change in attitude meets a commitment to succeed, mankind evolves. And given the immense global challenges we face due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we present ways to turn it into fuel on our fire. This module introduces optimistic, yet realistic ways to fill uncertain days of quarantine, with tasks to add value to the learner’s life in isolation.

A 13-part vibrant, fun series that tackles a range of essential, relevant topics in an energetic and modern style, and was effectively designed by the young people we encounter at our live events and roadshows. Upbeat and optimistic, lessons and tasks are at an age-appropriate complexity level and aim to inspire, while always remaining mindful of the harsh realities the learners will encounter in the jobs market. 

13 slick lessons hosted by Candice Modiselle and Dene Botha, designed to guide young budding entrepreneurs and those with their eyes firmly set on future success. Compact 'how-to' guides convey useful tips and tasks that give learners the opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice. Topics range from Building Your Personal Brand, Identifying Your Strengths and Values and Business Writing, to Developing The Qualities of an Entrepreneur. 

Hosted by Jon Chetwynd-Palmer and Teboho Khauoe, this elegant 5-part short course provides enthusiastic thinkers with pointers on how to transform their ideas into small business success stories. The lessons cover, An Intro to Learn Mythbusters, How To Talk To Customers, The Minimum Viable Product, Ideation, and The Business Model Canvas.
Series Summary:

Hosted by well-known public personality, Hlubi Mboya-Arnold, this 5-part series lays the foundation of a responsible, informed financial life. We set financial goals, dispel myths about money and ultimately set the student up for financial health. The entertaining lessons are packed with age-appropriate guidance, top practical tips to apply to the learners’ lives, and a task that underlines the importance of a specific financial habit, all wrapped up in a slick, modern aesthetic.